Anne Millar

Anne George Millar (1879-1973), raised in southern Illinois, studied at the University of Chicago. This included one undergraduate year in Rome at which time she became fluent in Italian. Millar returned to the US, completed her degree and worked as a teacher at the Chicago Latin School.

Intrigued by the new teaching methods of Maria Montessori, Millar returned to Italy to attend training sessions with Montessori. Millar opened the first American Montessori school in Tarrytown, New York in 1911. The following year she not only became the head of a new Montessori school in Washington, D.C. but translated The Montessori Method into English. In 1913, she accompanied Montessori on her American tour and translated her lectures. Over the next two years, the relationship between Millar and Montessori deteriorated to the point that Montessori revoked Millar’s credentials as a Montessori teacher. After getting married in 1919 and settling in Evanston, Millar never taught again.

Why this stop? The Purple Line South Blvd. station is a half mile from the apartment building where Millar and her husband first lived after getting married.

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