How did the Women's L Project start?

Janet Volk, the project founder, read an article about New Yorkers who created a map with all the New York City subway stops renamed for women and thought, "I could do that for Chicago."  It began as a mental exercise.  Then the pandemic hit.  With time on her hands, she dug more deeply into Chicago women's history and discovered many great women who have not or are not getting the recognition they deserve.  As Janet described her personal project to friends and family  members, they urged her to create an actual map and website so that others could be learn about these amazing Chicago women.

Does the Women's L Project propose the actually renaming  of L stops?

NO!  That would be chaotic!  The Women's L Project map is hypothetical.  That said, if the CTA would want to honor women in some way during Women's History Month or install plaques at L stations in honor of the project women (much like the honorary renaming of streets in Chicago), the Women's L Project would be all for it.

Why isn't fill-in-the-blank-with-the-name-of-a-Chicago-woman on the map?

There are not enough stops to include all of the great women of Chicago's past and present.