Purple Line

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Ann Hardy (born 1933) Female pioneer in computer science

Isabella Garnett (1872-1948) One of the first Black female physicians in Illinois; Co-founder of the Evanston Sanitarium and Training School

Lorraine Morton (1918-2018) First black female mayor and longest-serving mayor in Evanston

Margery Carlson (1892-1985) World-renowned botanist, professor, founder of the Illinois Chapter of the Nature Conservancy

Frances Willard (1839-1898) College dean and president; President of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union

Katharine Bushnell (1855-1946) Physician; Women’s Christian Temperance Union leader; founder of the Anchorage Mission in Chicago; feminist biblical scholar

Eunice Tietjens (1884-1944) World War I newspaper correspondent, poet author

South Blvd
Anne Millar (1879-1973) Teacher who introduced Montessori teaching methods to US educators and translated The Montessori Method into English


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